NASW-NM strives to understand how irrevocable social justice, unconditional equity, and relevant access can be achieved and sustained. We are committed to the work that will build a sense of purpose as part of the positive human experience.  Where the quality of life is exceptional, full of happiness, equity, security, recognition, resources, peace, and love.

NASW-NM is focused on three broad intentions:

1. PEOPLE- Individuals, Families, Clinical, Therapeutic (Micro). We are proponents for never forgetting the historical and generational uniqueness of NM. We believe in the value of historical truth and honesty. We define cultural responsiveness as honoring and adjusting our misuse of language when speaking of a population, dismantling stereotypical beliefs and biases, and respectfully learning about ethnic and social groups. We address persons with preferred and individualized identity regardless of our own or any institutional prejudices. Additionally, we promote the use of language and terms that are from and accepted by the individuals of that cultural collective.

2. PROGRAMS- Communities, Systems, Grassroots, Professional settings (Mezzo). NASW-NM considers our communities to be beacons for positive change for our poor health outcomes, economic disparities, and discriminatory social justice. We provide professional, researched, relevant, culturally and linguistically appropriate professional development opportunities. Social workers provide tools and resources to achieve desired outcomes. We believe we should only support efforts when we are asked to and in the manner that is asked of us, not implied by us.

3. POLICY- Advocacy, Legislation, and Government participation (Macro). We work for laws that protect all citizens and are reflective of an inclusive voice. Policy connects all practice areas of social work, which is guided by our code of ethics and practiced competencies. We hold ourselves responsible for being current in the multitude of areas where we practice, the rules and policies that govern them. We actively participate in the places where title protection occurs. Social workers are invaluable, and we need to be compensated commensurate with the major contributions we make to society.

I Am a New Mexico Social Worker

New Mexico COVID-19 Vaccine Information

Please click on the link below for information about the COVID-19 vaccine in New Mexico. You can also use this link to sign up through the Department of Health to receive the vaccine and to learn more about when you and your family should receive the booster shot. 

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