At NASW-NM, we are deeply committed to pursuing and preserving irrevocable social justice, unconditional equity, and relevant access for all individuals. Our work is driven by the belief that every person deserves a positive human experience and an exceptional quality of life characterized by happiness, equity, security, recognition, resources, peace, and love.

To achieve our vision, we have identified three broad intentions that guide our efforts:

1. PEOPLE - Individuals, Families, Clinical, Therapeutic (Micro):

We recognize and honor New Mexico's historical and generational uniqueness. Historical truth and honesty are essential foundations for understanding and addressing social issues. Cultural responsiveness is at the core of our approach, which involves actively dismantling stereotypical beliefs and biases. We strive to respectfully learn about different ethnic and social groups, ensuring we address individuals with their preferred and individualized identities, free from our own or any institutional prejudices. Furthermore, we promote language and terms that are culturally accepted by our communities.

2. PROGRAMS - Communities, Systems, Grassroots, Professional settings (Mezzo):

We view our communities as beacons of positive change, where we work to address poor health outcomes, economic disparities, and discriminatory social justice. Our commitment extends to providing thoroughly researched, relevant, and culturally and linguistically appropriate professional development opportunities. We equip social workers with the necessary tools and resources to achieve desired outcomes. We should only provide support when requested and in the manner that is asked of us, ensuring that we respect and empower community leadership.

3. POLICY - Advocacy, Legislation, and Government participation (Macro):

We advocate for laws that protect the rights and well-being of all citizens, reflecting an inclusive voice. Policy serves as the connective thread across all social work practice areas, guided by our code of ethics and practiced competencies. We hold ourselves accountable for staying current in the many areas where we practice, understanding the rules and policies that govern them. Active participation in places where title protection is crucial is central to our mission. We recognize social workers' invaluable contributions to society and advocate for fair compensation commensurate with our significant impact.

Our commitment to the social work profession is our utmost priority at NASW-NM. We will continue to strive for social justice, equity, and access, working collaboratively within our communities, advocating for inclusive policies, and upholding the values and principles of the social work profession. Together, we can create a better, more inclusive future for all.

I Am a New Mexico Social Worker

New Mexico COVID-19 Vaccine Information

Please click on the link below for information about the COVID-19 vaccine in New Mexico. You can also use this link to sign up through the Department of Health to receive the vaccine and to learn more about when you and your family should receive the booster shot. 

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