Board Description

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Considerations for board nominees and candidates.

NASW-NM shall have representation from all cultures, identities, and ethnicities. Regardless of outward, observable, appearance, attire, melanation, traits, cadence, accent, vernacular, or surname, if you are not openly expressing how you would like to be identified, candidates may be asked to share the information they consider helpful in maintaining board composition. Any attempt to encourage positive self-identification is meant in the most respectful, affirming, and protective way possible.

In addition, you must be a member at the time of confirmation. If you are self-nominating without an opposing candidate or you are filling a vacant chair, membership is required at the time of nomination. The chapter will supply candidate information before the elections.

NASW-NM Board chairs are aligned to the association's fiscal year (July 1 to June 30). There are 2 in-person non-negotiable events, the annual Board Retreat and Conference.


The President-Elect chair is one year, and starts with the President's second year in office; making it a 3 year commitment. Regional Chairs require the nominee to either live or work in the region and must have a strong understanding of the population and community needs.

Student chair terms are from the date of confirmation until date of graduation, but cannot be longer than 2 years.

Roles and Responsibilities

More information will be shared at the time of confirmation or can be found in the Chapter Charter and Board Agreement form. proved program priority goals, Association strategic goals, and the professional needs of the chapter members.

Chairs should also be able to articulate the needs of the underserved, marginalized, and oppressed citizens. As well as actively participating in solution-focused forums or employment outside of their board roles. They should support and steer the chapter, its activities, and its decisions that reflect the Code of Ethics and its professional license.

Each board member shall join at least one committee or submit a waiver request to the ED and the Executive Board. Board members should be current in their understanding and information of the legislative priorities for the chapter. They should also be confident and comfortable in sharing the benefits of member enrollment.

More information will be shared at time of confirmation or can be found in the Chapter Charter and Board Agreement form.