Interim Executive Director - Kimberly Warmsley 

Kimberly Warmsley is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, advocate, transformative leader, and social justice advocate born and raised in South Stockton. Kimberly's mother is a public health advocate, and her father is a US veteran. Kimberly has extensive experience as a medical social worker, trauma-informed practitioner, policy influencer, and organizer. She has worked collaboratively with various community-based organizations and held many positions on sitewide steering committees, local commissions and grassroots movements working collectively to improve people. 

As the Director of the California NASW, I am truly honored and humbled. I am committed more than ever to the empowerment of social workers and vow to transform the profession into a more effective and inclusive force for change. With years of experience in the field, I bring a unique perspective to the role, driven by the belief that every person deserves to live in a just and equitable world. 

I am committed to promoting best practices and advocating for policies that protect our vulnerable communities. My leadership style emphasizes collaboration, innovation, and a relentless focus on results. Above all, I am passionate about building stronger communities and ensuring that social workers have the tools and support they need to create lasting positive change within the world. We live in critical times, and mental health and wellness require real solutions. We can and will create a more fair, just, and equitable world for all.