Ethics Committee

The NASW-NM Ethics Committee is currently finding a new time to meet!

We are also currently looking for a new co-chair of the committee! If you are interested or would like more information, please fill out the Contact Us from at the bottom of the page.

Committee Goals:

  1. Ensure committee continuity and growth.
  2. Educate all social workers on how to integrate ethics into their practice.
  3. Encourage critical thinking and creative processes on ethics through a library of regular workshops for New Mexico social workers, and social and educational organizations, to enhance ethical practice in all fields of practice across the state.
  4. Develop a decision-making model and train social workers on its application.
  5. Partner with the New Mexico Social Work Board to achieve legislative goals and better standards in New Mexico. Review state regulations on Social Work Ethics in statute and update to most current NASW Code of Ethics.
  6. Create a prevention-based model for ethical concerns in New Mexico and heighten awareness of multiculturalism, bias, and privilege as they pertain to ethics.
  7. Check and suggest updates to Chapter (NASW-NM) leadership regarding Chapter Bylaws.