Legislative Committee

About Legislative Committee

This committee will focus on the legislative issues that impact social workers and the clients and communities they serve. The committee will meet with the NASW-NM lobbyist and staff regularly throughout the year and during the legislative session to identify areas of interest, plan advocacy strategies, and update members on policy issues within the state. The legislative committee also seeks to educate social workers and social work students on the legislative process and the importance of engagement.

Mission of Legislative Committee

The mission of the legislative committee is to advocate for laws, policies, and practices that reflect social work values and ethics for both the profession of social work and the clients and communities we serve at the local and state level.


Dr. Judy Barnstone is an Associate Professor of Social Work at the Facundo Valdez School of Social Work at New Mexico Highlands University, teaching in the areas of research and political advocacy for about twelve years. She is a former maternal-child health and medical social worker, and her primary interest lies in socioeconomic influences on health and well-being.

The other co-chair of the Legislative Committee is Shelby Greaser, NASW-NM Corporate Support Manager. You can read more about Shelby here!


The Legislative Committee meets every third Thursday of the month from 1 pm - 2 pm.